Mushroom Mycology

Did you know there are mushroom hunters and it is also considered a sport in some countries? There are even Mushroom clubs.

I guess it goes to show you how interesting mushrooms are as well as hemp.The study of Mushrooms is starting to become more respectable. However prejudice and misinformation still enshroud mushroom mycology to the extent that the American population see no value in this study, So many mushroom enthusiasts gather in clubs or societies that sponsor monthly meetings ,activities,lectures and study groups.

Many of our forests especially those made up of pine trees and their relatives would not exist without the mushrooms which grow among their roots,They work as a host to the tree by mineral nutrition  resistance to disease and water stress under drought conditions, I also might add without these fungi the forest giants would be dwarfed.

Think of that a little while, If they can do all of that and have so much study and praise think about ones that we use in our products blended together with hemp.

Thank you

Tammy Kessner



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