Hemp Conspiracy

For what I am about to say you may already know and some of you may not so I will continue to Educate more and more people on Hemp and how it can save our planet as well as the future of our children.

Thousands of studies were done all over the world and over 6,000 years there has not been one recorded death with the use of Medical Marijuana,Unless it was a deliberate death.

Since 1937 it has been Illegal to grow this Miracle plant that has the power to prevent Mudslides.Which again leads me to the why? The real why?

So I continued to read and dig up more information on this plant that has a evil reputation, and it turns out this plant is like the natures Fountain of Youth!!

This plant is the only plant on earth that provides our bodies with the most perfect balance,and is the most digestible to our bodies,Go Figure!

The Cannabis/Hemp that was given such a bad rep today is the same plant that was used since before 1937 For Paper,Medicine,Fiber,Fuel,Motor oil,electricity and vegetable oil. The list goes on and on, So why would we need to fight and use pesticides when we can use the remedies of Nature?

Hemp does not need any use for Pesticides or Herbicides unlike cotton it uses 50% of all Pesticides and has less the strength and durability than the Hemp material.

Cannabis/Hemp heals the ground and leaves the soil and our earth much better before it was even planted,and if it can do all that naturally then what can it do for our bodies inside and out!

There are so many reasons and proof to what I am saying about this plant that I call a Miracle and what it can do for us as a whole as well as our great planet!

With more and more people we can join together and stop all the crap lies that have been told about this Hemp plant and legalize it and the wars would end!

Together we can and build a Greener Healthy Earth for us our Children and whom ever walks the Earth long after we.

Join me and we will live a better life and a cleaner,greener Planet!



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