The Dream Lives

Jack Herer may be gone but his Spirit and dreams live in all of us whom believe Peace,Love for helping others as well as the big Hemp Movement.
About Five months ago I had no idea who Jack Herer was,until I found myself involved in the great Hemp Movement itself.I was meant to be here for a reason and I was lead here to become part of the great Movement.
I was a Nay Sayer a while back before, I was on different Prescription drugs Pain killers as well as others I did what I was told to do by the health industries,I had surgeries that could of been prevented. I started becoming more and more dependent on the pills and taking more and more and was also given more. “Take this one to get off of this one and this one to sleep” It was a never ending battle after years and years and just falling apart in the whole process I said This is enough and has to stop!! I quit cold Turkey and after a month of withdrawl I was a different person I started reading and educating myself on natural healing,Herbs,Energy Healing,qigong, and also received my Cert in Reiki Healing.
I never would of thought Growing Hemp for houses and Marijuana for natural prescription use was good because I was told it was bad by the public and they say on the news it is bad! Then I woke up and realized whatever they tell you on the T.v News is bad it is probably not!
I decided I wanted to help people and educate more people on Healing herbs and such so I searched the internet looking for more hemp information and came across The Hemp Business and was like No Way!
I was looking for a business as well so I picked up the phone and called and said sign me up and can I pay now? I could not believe he did not try to push me into anything at all and did not feed me a line of garbage of why I should be in this business. He did not read a script he just explained to me what I wanted to know.
Now after 4 Months of being here as well as being introduced to Jack Herer’s book Inspired me to be involved in a huge part with educating and helping people everyday and to whom ever I may come across because they may not understand right away but at least they always have the words that you share with them and later a light bulb will go off like it did for me.
It saddens me because I wish I was introduced to this man a long time ago,He has really touched me threw his videos and his books,Of course I ask myself would have I really looked into back then? No I probably would not have so I guess when they same there is a time for everything is true.
I will live off his memory and continue to educate the Hemp word on a daily basis every chance I get! I also learned Hemp and Jack are just alike they did and will continue to do Amazing things,Great things.
Thank you all in the Hemp Industries.


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