Awareness And Intention

In all walk’s of life there is a great Leader,Whoever it may be or whoever it may be that you wish to follow.
Whatever you’re goal’s may be or how far you want to go,It all start’s with a thought and a vision and you must have true belief that you are going to reach it. It all come’s down to your deepest awareness and intention.
When you reach the deepest level of awareness the forces of nature will support you.

When you wish for something,Do you hold that thought in your consciousness, or do you just make your wish and walk away without having any belief whatsoever?
Whatever it may be it must be true to you, You must really want it.
Follow the path that lead’s you every step of the way and if that path doe’s not feel good deep down than that path is not for you.
Trust in the Universe to bring you the result’s and let it go because what you truly want will remain in your consciousness.
Do not trade your present for the future and in hopes wishing for rest year’s later, That will only lead to chaos situation’s as well as massive amount’s of stress.
I am not saying not to take action towards your mission because you MUST take action for your intention,But you must do it with a peaceful mind.
You do not have to struggle or spend day’s,month’s or year’s to reach your goals, But you must work threw your soul and when you do that your vision will arise.

With deepest of heart,soul,vision and feeling with your whole being and for the greater good, I assure you it will all come to you.

You may have setback’s along the way, I insist you not let them bring you down.
Just be persistent and keep on going with LOVE for what you are doing and with pure intention!

Speak Free,
Tammy Kessner


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