Hemp News Update

In July 2007 The Lymphoma society petitioned the congress to Legalize Medical Marijuana, the Second largest Cancer Charity organization as well as the largest voluntary health organization in the United States. They are also the First to support Legalization of Medical Marijuana!

We must share this information with everyone the believers and Non-Believers. I never knew about any of this until I found a great bunch of people and was let to another and another as well as really great books. I also discovered a great man who spoke what he felt with such love and will his name is JACK HERER God Rest His Soul and he is probably right now speaking his words in space and time.

The more information I discover makes me want to follow in his footsteps more and more and very excited to share the Hemp Word with everyone everywhere all over the world! I am starting by researching as much information I can find and bring more exciting News to you.

I am shocked more and more every time I find out useful information that has never been believed or out in the open to the public. I know it is looked at as a bad issue but if you really research it and believe in all your heart that natural remedies do work you will find more discoveries on how this plant can help you or somebody you love.

I am asking people not to look away and judge it because of the name read about it and educate yourself and the rest of the world. My last thought is why would this plant grow and be filled with so many medicinal agents and not be allowed to use.

That is just my opinion.


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