Mind And Thought Control

You are truly a wizard,You have the power within yourself to create great things,big things,Everything you wish for you can have. If it is happiness you want you will get it,but it is you that has to change to get it.! Give up on all the excuses and take full responsibility for everything you do. Stop looking outside of yourself for answers for everything is inside you. You are the creation of your life,everything that comes to you is everything you created. If the situations you are in right now are negative change them!

This is your Universe,your Life and your Thoughts this is “YOUR” world. Stop blaming others in your life for things gone wrong, For example you go to the grocery store and you get home and are missing a bag. Do you blame yourself or do you blame the cashier? We all know it is our fault nobody else but ourselves to blame. Blaming others just turn into one big mess and it keeps getting deeper and deeper and the further you go you pull yourself into a world full of Anger,Depression,unhappiness and self doubt the list goes on and on.

Whatever it is you wish to do right now let all of the above go set yourself free and start by saying, “I am the creator of my life”, “I have the power to achieve my goals and dreams” I have no excuses nor do I blame anyone for who I am or where I am today” Then get up and go get it!
Mat it be big or little you have the power free all your doubts and start laying the bricks one by one for your own path in life, With your whole heart and soul BELIEVE that you can and YOU will! With the power within and the power of your mind you will receive all.
Remember YOU hold the remote control to your own life no one else pushes the buttons and changes it but YOU!!



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