Peace Journey

I am going to start by saying we are all one in this great universe,we all have togetherness,like a certain connection with each other.

We are what we are,and be what we will be.

I want to ask you a few question’s and answer then to yourself. “Are you being what you want to be”? “Are you who you really are, and not pretending to just impress others? My last question is,”Are you doing what you want to do”?

When you speak to somebody are you speaking from your heart or just saying what you think would sound good to them? It is such a amazing feeling when you speak with honesty because you are also being honest to yourself, so you have no need to question yourself later.

Find true peace within yourself. “Take a deep breath,close your eyes and ask yourself, “Am I happy”? Do I have gratitude for everything I have and for everything that comes into my life?

Gratitude is a miracle cure for every moment in your life. Your attitude is rules everything, Like what comes into your life as well as your overall health. If you have a negative attitude then I must tell you that you are well on your way down the road of unhappiness. You can change that by greeting the day with Gratitude for everything! Feel it deep in your soul that you are truly happy and keep that with you everyday and every second of your life!

We all have everyday challenges in life but do not let them bring you down just close your eyes and say,THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Thank you for I am here to deal with these challenges and thank you for everybody who comes into my life.

Everything happens for a reason we come into each others lives for reasons and sometimes go our own ways. Some connections last a lifetime. We may not always know why but what we do know is that there is a reason.

Now for that I will close my eyes and say “Thank You for what comes to me everyday and Thank you for the people that come into my life and touch my heart in so many ways THANK YOU”!

Then I continue my journey until I end up to where life leads me and to where I am supposed to be.



-Tammy Kessner

My journey continues…


Be grateful for everyday life and start your journey with inner happiness and love.

Thank you, -Tammy Kessner


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